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Testimonials from last 90 days

About Tech Bob - "I have been using Cornerstone for a very long time and I am always pleased with their work! This is a company I do not hesitate to recommend! I’ve never had a problem they couldn’t fix! Cornerstone is the best!"

Jane and Bernie, Schaumburg

About Tech Bob - "The technician was very professional and friendly.He explained everything and answered all my questions."

Edwards, Hampshire

About Tech Randy - "Awesome work!"

Rahail, Elgin

About Tech Bob - "The tech explained what was wrong and showed me the problem. Wash machine works great. Thank you."

Penny, Bartlett

About Tech Bob - "Excellent service and work. I will be calling to have the now non-heating dryer fixed. :-) "

Gail, Elgin

About Tech Randy - "Technician was courteous, efficient and explained everything. This was my first experience with Cornerstone but I would use them again and recommend them."

William, Saint Charles

About Tech Randy - "Your tech was wonderful, thank you for such good service."

Deborah, Elgin

About Tech Randy - "Always great service whether on my personal home or my rental properties. Would not hesitate to recommend."

Amanda Martin, South Elgin

About Tech Randy - "Excellent service! The technician even cleaned behind the stove! Cornerstone is the best!"

Tim, St. Charles

About Tech Bob - "Bob did great job. Saved us from having to purchase new refrigerator. Thanks"

Bill, West Chicago

About Tech Bob - "The Technician was very knowledgeable and told us immediately what the problem was and gave us suggestions. We will definitely use Cornerstone Appliance Service again! We highly recommend them. Always great service every time!"

Eugenia, South Elgin

About Tech Randy - "Randy did a fine job for us and would for sure call for him again."

Bill, Elgin

About Tech Randy - "We are so happy to have a QUIET microwave - it startles us every time that it's NOT grinding. The icemaker took awhile to get going - after four hours there were only 7 cubes, but by bedtime it was 1/2 full and completely full by the next morning."

Beth, Elgin

About Tech Bob - "You guys are awesome! Merry Christmas!"

John & Kathy, Streamwood

About Tech Randy - "Have used you for years & will continue to do so. Always fair & honest!"

Brent & Carie, St. Charles

About Tech Randy - "We had a very pleasant experience using Cornerstone to repair our microwave. We will definitely call you in the future"

William, Elgin

About Tech Randy - "Awesome experience, very knowledgable"

Paul, Geneva

About Tech Randy - "Were very pleased with tech and repair. Presented options to the problem as to whether we repair or replace. After evaluating we decided to do the repair. Obtained parts and back a scheduled time. "

Marlyn and Joe, Elgin

About Tech Randy - "Excellent service. Thank you, Randy."

Mary, Elgin

About Tech Randy - "Service was good ... As expected. I've used you before for other repairs. As for cost? High/low I don't know, I like to think the cost was fair. My washer is working at a lower cost to me than a new machine. Thank you!"

Jan, South Elgin

About Tech Randy - "Bob was great. He was on time, courteous and had a sense of humor. It was a very good experience with your company and would use you in the future."

Don, Bartlett

About Tech Randy - "Great Job! They even had the part on hand!"

Linda, South Elgin

About Tech Randy - "Always great service. Thank you!"

David & Diane, St. Charles

About Tech Randy - "Great company! Great service! Randy was courteous and very nice. Explained the problem and replaced the part quickly and had my refrigerator up and running within hours of my phone call! Will definitely use Cornerstone Appliance Service again."

Collette, Hampshire

About Tech Randy - "Randy was on time, professional, efficient, & informative. He tested and knew just what the problem was. He fixed it in no time and advised me on burner positioning in the future. He did a commendable repair job. Thanks Randy "

Ed, Batavia

About Tech Randy - "First time I’ve used Cornerstone, very pleased with overall experience, will definitely use again!"

Susan, Elgin

About Tech Randy - "Randy was very professional.,and courteous.we will use you again, He fixed and explained everything thoroughly., He is an asset to your company"

Nelly, Saint Charles

About Tech Randy - "Wonderful service! Technician even took the time to search the internet for a replacement drum for our old Maytag washer. So appreciated this extra step!!"

Linda, West Chicago

About Tech Bob - "We were very pleased with Bob's service and professional demeanor. We trust Cornerstone AS and highly recommend the company. Michele, Batavia"

John / Michelle, Batavia

About Tech Bob - "Technician was courteous and professional. Gave us good advice. Did not try to upsell us. Showed us exactly what was wrong with appliance, how much repair would cost and if it was worth doing. Jerry Elgin"

Gerald, Elgin

About Tech Randy - "It was a pleasure to meet you and find you are a man of faith who is skilled and trustworthy. I’ll be glad to recommend you "

Cathy, South Elgin

About Tech Bob - "I would definitely use your company in the future!"

Lisa, Bartlett

About Tech Randy - "Randy is very professional and knowledgeable. I know I can trust his judgement and have used him many times from my refrigerator to washer and dryer. Highly recommend."

Debbie, Batavia

About Tech Randy - "Randy was phenomenal and I would highly recommend this company to any of my friends and family who need a repair. "

Brandon, Elgin

About Tech Randy - "Excellent service "

Robert, Elgin

About Tech Bob - "Our agency relies on the prompt and reasonable serve provided by Cornerstone Appliance. The techs are always professional and friendly. Lisa, Elgin"

Lisa or Kristen, Elgin

About Tech Bob - "Good Company to do business with. Price is reasonable which is backed up with a 90 day guarantee. Second time I used Cornerstone and will again if needed."

Mary , Huntley

About Tech Randy - "used their service twice, five days apart!!! they were very busy and was going to have to wait over a week for service,had a cancelation and was fixed faster."

Karla and Roger, Elgin

About Tech Bob - "First time using Cornerstone and very impressed with technician's professionalism. Originally saw a Cornerstone truck next door, checked on line reviews, made an appointment and now planning to use Cornerstone again for appliance problems."

Steve, Bartlett

About Tech Bob - "This the 3rd or 4th time that Cornerstone has made an appliance repair at my home and they always do a great job. They are definitely my go-to when I need an appliance repair."

Rachael, Saint Charles

About Tech Randy - "I would highly recommend Cornerstone for all your appliance repair needs. I’ve come to depend on your fair, reliable, and excellent service. As always excellent job. Keep up the great work!!"

Dan, Saint Charles

About Tech Randy - "This team is fair, honest, and knows how to translate solutions to problems so I don't feel I need to be an appliance expert to understand them :-)"

Brian, Bartlett

About Tech Randy - "The technician, Randy, was very honest and helpful. I was very impressed with the service. Thanks so much!"

Colleen, West Dundee

About Tech Randy - "Randy is great!!So glad he is there for me to call!"

Carol, Batavia

About Tech Randy - "Wonderful job. On our favored business list"

Ken and Paula, Elgin

About Tech Bob - "My neighbor referred me to Cornerstone when my oven started misbehaving, and am I ever glad she did! The professionalism, speedy, and knowledgeable service by Bob was outstanding. Problem solved, without it costing an arm and a leg. Very happy! "

Lynn, Elgin

Survey Results

 Last 90 Days
 Timely     4.91 out of 5
 Appearance     4.91 out of 5
 Courteous     4.91 out of 5
 Customer Felt Safe     4.91 out of 5
 Repair Explained     4.87 out of 5
 Cleaned Up     4.91 out of 5
 Cost     4.73 out of 5
 Would Use Again     4.78 out of 5

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